Working at KDAB

For over twenty years, KDAB’s employees have combined flexible working hours and fun, with helping customers to solve software challenges across desktop, embedded and mobile platforms. With thousands of customers, several on the fortune 500 list, KDAB has shown a profitable and stable growth since 1999.

In KDAB we value practical software development experience and skills higher than academic degrees. We strive to ensure equal treatment of all our employees regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality (as long as local labor laws permit us to employ you), political opinion (as long as it is within democratic bounds), or religion.

We offer:

  • the opportunity to work on highly interesting software projects with extremely talented colleagues
  • a fairly informal work environment where everybody can express their opinion freely and will be listened to
  • flexible work hours
  • competitive salaries and benefits
  • regular opportunities to travel
  • an equity sharing program (subject to eligibility)

Read about KDAB’s 20 Years Ahead

We will consider applications both for our offices in Hagfors (Sweden), Berlin (Germany), Sorgues (France), Macclesfield (UK), Houston, TX (USA) as well as for telecommuting from home.

Applications for both full-time and part-time work are welcome.

Software Engineers

We tend not to advertise software engineering positions, but we are always interested in hearing about highly qualified software developers.

Please contact us if you:

  • are an outstanding software developer with several years of experience in Qt, embedded systems, mobile devices, or 3D graphics (any combination of the latter three with Qt is a big plus)
  • are willing to work hard on challenging software projects for demanding clients with tight deadlines
  • speak, read and write English fluently (we do not require perfect grammar nor a large vocabulary, but you must be able to communicate in English effortlessly)
  • are willing to work in a multicultural workforce, have a high tolerance for other people being different, and are not easily offended
  • can stand being made fun of in good faith by your coworkers (and maybe even enjoy making fun of your coworkers, too)
  • are willing to travel regularly

Particular pluses would be:

  • working experience in commercial software development
  • very good language skills in French or German
  • experience in embedded systems, mobile devices, or 3D graphics
  • experience with modern version control systems such as Subversion and git
  • experience with modern issue tracking systems such as Jira
  • experience with software development on MS Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac OS X
  • software project management experience

If you think this description fits you, please send your CV, any relevant documentation, with work samples (if possible), to Your application can be informal, a plain text email will be just fine.

Become an intern in KDAB

If you believe you have what it takes to work for KDAB, but don’t yet have much experience in the workforce to prove it, becoming an intern might be a way in for you.

As an intern at KDAB you will start by working on some of our in-house projects, which gives you a chance to demonstrate your capabilities and get to know how we work. Over time, you will likely move on to assist on actual projects with fellow KDABians.

In KDAB, we never employ interns just to get cheap labor. Instead, we wish to give talented young people a chance to grow and contribute to our strong, inspiring culture of software excellence.

To apply for internship email us, including a CV or cover letter about yourself.

Administrative Staff

From our offices in Sweden, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, KDAB’s administrative, professional staff take care of accounting, travel planning, marketing, procurement, and all other non-technical aspects of KDAB’s work. Our administrative staff know how to deal with quirky engineers, have a sense of humor, are very service-minded, and enjoy working in a company where everybody’s contribution is recognized.

We currently do not have any open positions for administrative staff. However, if you think KDAB would be an attractive workplace for you, please send your CV with detailed previous work experience to and we will notify you if we have a suitable opening.