Embedded Devices

We offer complete embedded design and development, from software and hardware selection to well optimized implementations.


Deliver mission-critical products right the first time

Full-stack embedded software expertise

No matter your embedded device, KDAB helps you create well-built, easily maintained, and cleanly extended software, letting you meet your market milestones and impress your customers. Everything we do for your embedded product – development processes, software frameworks, application code, build automation, even testing frameworks – is created with quality, reliability, and performance in mind.

Create high-quality products under high-pressure product lifecycles


Full stack engineering

Building a great embedded software product requires specialized knowledge at all levels of the software stack. At the lowest level, KDAB helps with software development for device drivers, peripheral integration, and hardware access, as well as with adding support for graphics standards like Wayland, OpenGL, or Vulkan. We’re also very comfortable with the many middleware components that power your application, either developing them for you or using open-source or commercially available software components. At the top of the software stack, we build applications – both in traditional embedded languages like C++, or newer alternatives like HTML, Python, or Rust.


Software process

If your software is complex and your team is large, it’s not always easy to on-board new engineers or keep on top of your build process. We help your team build reproducible system images that are fully automated and have complete traceability. We also build custom software development kits (SDK), letting your engineers easily onboard external contractors as well as new employees with a precisely controlled and identical environment. And we ensure that your processes incorporate cross-platform intelligence from the beginning, allowing your team to support multiple hardware architectures.



Embedded systems may be more powerful than ever before, but they have limitations. We help your team find and fix inefficiencies from anywhere in the software stack, including slow performance, excess memory use, or slow bootup times. We are experts in analyzing your software with high-powered tools – many that we’ve built or contributed to and are de facto standards in the industry – to help your team make the most of the hardware they’ve got.

“With wide-ranging experience across the entire embedded software stack, we hit the ground running and quickly produce demonstrable results”

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The software-centric business strategy

KDAB interview

Software has become a critical factor of our economy. Manufacturing companies must start to think and act software-centric to survive.

In this interview software pioneer Matthias Kalle Dalheimer explains why conventional companies run the risk of becoming commoditized and how they can get ahead of the competition. What are the corner stones of a real software strategy? What can the "old economy" learn from the software industry (and vice versa)?

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KDAB case study

German company OPW is in the business of producing extremely high-quality measuring instruments and devices that are designed to help manufacturers ‘get it right first time.’ Their equipment plays a vital role in quality management, and ultimately time-and-cost-savings for manufacturers. KDAB redeveloped OPW's software using QML for the UI on the measuring machines, so that an in-house technician would be able to set up the control panel.

Learn how KDAB helped this precision tool company simplify their machines and make users self-sufficient.