Trusted Partner

A software supplier you can rely on

Work with a reliable partner who understands how to enable rapid innovation through software

Why do so many Fortune 1000 companies trust us to help develop their software? There’s no one answer. It’s because of the dedication of our engineers. It’s the knowledge base we’ve accumulated over 20 plus years in business. It’s because we always strive for quality, no matter how trivial or complex the task. It’s because we love software and want to keep learning, experimenting, and sharing with the global community what works best.

More than anything, it’s because we don’t just write code; we think about business challenges and how technology can solve them

The value of partnership

A good partner is more than just an ordinary supplier; they are an effective part of a company’s strategic assets. As a partner, we help organizations reliably deliver complex software on time and on budget. We develop strong working relationships where clients trust us when we push back. We work together with our clients to discover the best way forward, combining our expertise in software with their domain expertise.

We are committed to helping businesses innovate through software and deliver on their vision.

“They (KDAB) felt just like part of the team and channeled their substantial expertise into a very collaborative process”

— Kevin Spannaus, Project Manager