We expand the knowledge of your team in leading-edge as well as classic technologies to make your projects successful


Real-world Engineers

For all our training courses we use active engineers who love teaching – people who put their material into practice every day solving real-world problems. Most of our trainers are also recognized and active contributors in their specialties to open-source projects and/or standards work.


Hands-on Learning

Our training courses are split between presentations and hands-on labs. The labs let students code important techniques themselves, reinforcing the lessons and making the material stick. Our small class sizes ensure we can give one-on-one assistance so that every student feels comfortable before moving on to new concepts.



The courses we teach are focused on delivering results. We adapt to the needs of the students in front of us, modifying class curriculum on the fly to educate and challenge everyone in the room. We also narrow in on frequent problems and common misunderstandings to address real-world trouble spots.


Grow your team’s knowledge with our seasoned instructors

Level up your team’s skills and keep your expertise in-house

KDAB provides focused training that gives your company distinct advantages in terms of speed, productivity, and quality. As a recognized leader in software development training, we have honed our methodologies over 20 years. We cover a wide range of core engineering competencies like C++, OpenGL, platform creation, debugging and optimization, CMake, and UX design.

Tap into our training services through regularly scheduled sessions or customized training in house


In-Company Training

Boost the productivity of your team

Custom in-company training is often the best solution. This is particularly true if you need training at a particular time not on our current calendar or if your facility is easier for you or more cost effective. Custom in-company training also gives you the ability to tailor content to the exact topics you need, target active development projects, and spend as much time as you need.

“Our personalized training provides significant speed and quality advantages over on-line, self-guided, and competitive alternatives.”

Top reasons to choose KDAB training services

  1. Our trainers use the technologies they teach on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Many of our trainers are contributors to standards or open-source projects in the areas they instruct.
  3. We’re known as industry leaders for training on many technologies.
  4. We’ve been successfully training engineers for over 20 years.
  5. Our on-site training is customized to the needs of your business, providing you with maximum benefit for time used.