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We investigate promising new technologies to see how they might be adapted to accelerate your software development

Many of our engineers work at the cutting-edge of software development where they keep an eye on new and emerging technologies. We work with the community to understand and guide these technologies and focus our energy on those that look promising for our clients. You can find these technologies in KDAB Labs.

Stay at the leading edge of innovative tools and cutting-edge technology



A new programming language designed for safe execution, Rust is something we’re examining as a potential alternative for C or C++ in low-level, OS, or functional safety programming.


Flutter and Dart

Dart is a new programming language, and Flutter is a UI framework – both created by Google. While they’re designed for cross-platform app development, we’re investigating these tools for streamlining the development of industrial applications.



As the successor to Open GL, Vulkan provides a standardized graphical API for creating 3D applications that is both fast and modern. While we’re already using it in many demos and prototypes, we’re starting to roll it out in client applications too.



A UI toolkit (formerly known as SixtyFPS), Slint allows developers to create fluid user interfaces in several different languages and promises to be an interesting alternative to existing UI frameworks.


Tock OS

While Linux rules 32-bit processors, it’s not as prevalent on lower-powered microcontrollers. That’s where Tock OS comes in, as an OS specifically designed for these lower power (and lower cost) devices.


Embedded Linux

This isn’t new a new technology by any stretch. However, we’re understanding exactly how our clients use existing embedded Linux solutions so that we can get you up and running as quickly as possible.

“We are always on the lookout for new technologies that can help improve existing products and/or simplify your development process.”