From architecture design to large-scale migrations, we’re eager to work on your project and increase your productivity.


Augment your team's expertise with specialized skills

Top engineers who deliver quality software while understanding its business context.

KDAB offers custom software development services from world-class engineers with versatile experience and a deep understanding of all aspects of the development process. Our flexible, tailored approach enables us to tackle projects of any complexity, allowing you to add supplemental resources for short-term capacity, hand off your entire project from start to finish, or build software competency into your organization.

Accelerate your development of world-class products with our engineering services

Specifications and implementation

Creating solid software relies on good requirements as much as good coding. Whether it’s specifying the initial design, writing the software, or optimizing and releasing it, we can build you a bespoke software solution that is elegant and functional.

Application assistance

Creating a complex embedded application can involve many moving parts. We can seamlessly integrate with your engineering team to help implement your application, ultimately getting it to market faster. We can also help your team upgrade their skills throughout the development process without slowing it down.

Project continuation

Many times projects take longer than expected or involve complexity that wasn’t foreseen at the outset. If your developers are better deployed elsewhere, we can jump into an existing project and see it to completion. When we wrap up the project, we ensure it’s left in a state that allows your team to easily take it back.

Software integration

Integrating software modules together can be one of the more underappreciated complexities in development. Whether it’s adapting software frameworks to support additional programming languages or integrating large open-source projects into your software, we can expertly combine technologies while reducing the long-term effort to maintain them.

Software migration

Porting a code base is a job where proven experience saves a lot of time and avoids difficult software bugs. We can help you quickly and reliably modernize your legacy code using in-depth knowledge amassed from many major migration projects and specialized migration tools we’ve developed to streamline the process.

UI/UX design

An excellent user interface and user experience can make the difference between loyal customers and lost sales. We can put our many years’ experience successfully building software interfaces across multiple platforms, industries, and devices to work for you.

“It’s super easy for us to scale up with KDAB, bring in another developer, he’s onboarded in one or two days, and can already have some results or prototypes for us to check.”

— Guilherme Müller, Director of Embedded Engineering,

Samples of our software engineering work

  • Ported huge application (4M lines) using text-based UI from MFC to modern GUI and language for oil industry
  • Designed system architecture and developed embedded software for mobility startup
  • Designed and implemented embedded software, online store, and OTA capability for premium consumer product
  • Completed remote surgery robot internal infrastructure and user interface

Top reasons to choose KDAB engineering services

  1. Major companies trust us with critical projects that are the linchpin of their business.
  2. We take pride in the excellence of the software we create.
  3. We are experts in solving truly hard problems other consultancies can’t.
  4. Our engineers draw upon company-wide resources, bringing senior expertise in every domain back to your projects.
  5. We have one of the highest staff retention rates in the software industry.