The Company

Benefit from a software supplier that can help you reach your goals

KDAB was founded in November 1999 by Matthias Kalle Dalheimer to create a vibrant community of talented software professionals, working together across borders and continents to develop sophisticated client solutions. While that vision still lies at the core of our business, it has become our mission to give clients a competitive advantage through software. Today, we’re proud to call hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies our clients and to be at the forefront of the software revolution. We will continue to evolve as the industry does but will never waver from our commitment to problem solving and innovation through software excellence.


Our Founder

President and CEO of KDAB

Kalle is the President and CEO of KDAB. He has actively developed with Qt since 1996 and is a founding member of the KDE project. Kalle originally created KDAB to be his own boss but, since that time, has built the company into an international organization of talented and loyal employees with one of the highest retention rates in the industry. Kalle’s programmer roots run deep – he’s also written books for developers, including “Running Linux” and “Programming with Qt”, the original book on Qt.

The Team

Committed, compassionate, trustworthy – they’re all badges we wear with pride. Helping people is a core component of our DNA and we regularly consult with each other to solve big, complex software challenges.

  • Family-like: People say it is both hard to get into KDAB and get out of it. “Into” because the interview process is so rigorous and “out of” because most employees consider KDAB as a second family.
  • Results-oriented: We ask the right questions, foresee hurdles, and create plans before we start coding. We treat your challenge as our own, never satisfied until we get it right.
  • Passionate: We are ordinary people driven to create extraordinary things. We approach software with passion and uncompromising standards.

History of Firsts

Qt contributors

KDAB was among the very first contributors to Qt and helped to make it what it is today, adapting it to many new industries, operating systems, and hardware platforms. Today, we are still one of the largest independent contributors worldwide.


Open source

Long before it became a standard in the software industry, KDAB embraced open source. We continue to release a wealth of open-source tools every year and consistently contribute to important open-source projects.


Remote working

KDAB started out as a virtual company with people working from home. Back in 1999, that was unheard of; today it is commonplace.



KDAB believed in C++ at a time when very few did, knowing that it would eventually become the best tool to deliver the performance and energy efficiency that is critical to embedded systems. We have since become a global leader in training courses for the latest C++ standards.



KDAB has been at the forefront of 3D technologies for many years. We continue to stay at the leading edge by embracing emerging 3D standards like Vulkan and by helping define them. KDAB engineers are also the principal architects of Qt 3D.