We create a highly functional development environment so your team can quickly deliver quality software, consistently and efficiently


Build a tool chain – and a thriving development culture

Transform the way your company does software development

DevOps is all about the unification and automation of processes to speed up the development process and KDAB engineers are experts in the processes, tools, and methodologies that do this. We build trust with teams and between teams through mentoring best practices, designing efficient workflows, and creating optimal toolchains, allowing everyone to work efficiently together across the entire software development lifecycle.

Power your team with the latest software tools and practical help in using them


Tool selection and development

A developer’s tools can sometimes be as important as their knowledge. KDAB knows how to find the right tool for your project whether its authoring code, packaging builds, tracking bugs, or managing releases. With our practical experience, we help your team install and configure development tools quickly and correctly. And when an off-the-shelf or open-source solution isn’t available, we develop plug-ins or standalone applications to streamline the job of developing software.


Testing and continuous integration

A solid testing environment is a necessity for modern development. We help your team develop test scaffolding, unit tests, testing frameworks, and test tools. This gives the team confidence when refactoring, simplifying, and optimizing their code. It also allows development to proceed when hardware isn’t available or engineers are working remotely.

If your team is using continuous integration (CI) or continuous delivery (CD), we help you automate the build and test processes and develop practices that make the CI/CD processes go smoothly.


Profiling and optimization

Code isn’t always done when it’s written and debugged; sometimes it needs to run faster, take less memory, or run on less capable hardware. In all cases, KDAB uses profiling tools to help your team understand exactly how the software uses resources, CPU, memory, or otherwise. Our engineers help identify the best places to make changes that will provide the best bang for your buck.

“We’re passionate about aligning teams, optimizing practices, and introducing tools to increase your ability to deliver quality software at high velocity.”

Top reasons to choose KDAB DevOps services

  1. We’ve written and continue to maintain many of the open-source profiling tools that the development community relies on every day.
  2. We collectively share our experiences of using and selecting tools from many client projects and our own, allowing us to be more knowledgeable as a group than any single engineer can be.
  3. We look at all the issues from hardware interaction to UI design to understand testing, profiling, and optimization problems that come from complex interactions distributed throughout the software stack.
  4. We create reliable and repeatable infrastructure for your team to become more productive and confident.
  5. We use our own proprietary tools or build custom ones that fit your individual development workflow when common solutions just won’t work.