KDAB-authored solutions that support your development processes


Scale without hiring and automate repetitive tasks

Solutions to help find and fix problems, inefficiencies and streamline your workflow

We’re passionate about solving software challenges and we like helping developers. So, whenever we create a software component or tool that makes our own development significantly easier, we look for ways to get it into the hands of other developers. While a handful of the tools we’ve created become KDAB commercial products, most of them are freely available, provided to, and supported through the open-source development community – hosted on resources like GitHub or packaged in Linux distributions.

Improve productivity with development tools that help deliver quality features, find bugs, and improve performance


3D design and development

Kuesa 3D Studio is a complete design-to-code workflow solution for 3D in real-time applications. The Kuesa workflow solution significantly reduces project time-to-market and works with industry-standard 3D tools such as Blender, Maya, 3ds Max and others.


Static Analysis

Clazy is a plugin for the Clang Static Analyzer that enables the compiler to enforce best practices and detect errors when using common developer frameworks.



GammaRay is a powerful visual debugging and introspection tool for Qt.

Hotspot is an intuitive visualization tool for profiling Linux full-stack performance.

Heaptrack is a memory profiler that tracks memory consumption, leaks, and hotspots.



The KD suite includes over a dozen Qt widgets, classes, and components that provide charts, docking systems, reporting, SOAP and XML processing, state machines, and much more.

  • KDBindings – modern C++ event management
  • KDChart – comprehensive and customizable business charting
  • KDDockWidgets – custom advanced toolbar docking toolkit
  • KDReports – XML customized reports for print and PDF
  • KDSOAP – invocation library for Web services
  • KDStateMachineEditor – GUI-based state machine editing
  • KDToolBox – collection of useful C++ classes, templates, and functions

“Because we love helping developers, we contribute lots of high-quality software to the open-source community”