Desktop and Workstation Applications

Big data visualization and modeling, 3D rendering, cross-platform development


Depend on our engineers to power your desktop

Desktop/workstation applications for a wide range of use-cases

KDAB builds high performing desktop and workstation applications for the many demanding cases where mobiles or tablets just aren’t enough. This includes applications such as video production, software development, dynamic simulations, CGI rendering, and genetics processing. We architect, build, and fine tune applications that demand every ounce of hardware performance and fit seamlessly into a user’s workflow.

Extract the highest performance out of your most demanding professional applications


Some data can’t be understood unless it’s visualized, which is a task that requires expertise across many disciplines. KDAB brings a huge amount of programming skill, knowledge of 3D mathematics and geometry, understanding of graphics engine architecture, and UI design intuition to bear in creating complex and meaningful visualizations of your data. Whether you’re trying to understand galaxy evolution, model turbulent fluid flow, or detect cancer markers, we help you build workstation applications that visualize multi-dimensional or large data sets in intuitive ways.

Big data

Many applications need to use massive datasets that far exceed workstation RAM. Our engineers regularly build applications that combine memory mapping, disk I/O, operating system paging, compression, data renormalization, operation sequencing, and advanced algorithms to allow your system to chew through terabytes of data. Companies and universities alike come to us when their data is overwhelming, and we help them squeeze every ounce of performance out of those systems, running tasks in a fraction of the time.

Native and cross-platform

Desktop applications often need to support Windows, Mac, and Linux environments while looking good and working intuitively on each. We help you create cross-platform applications that behave natively with all the standard application features expected on each platform. We help you choose the right technology stack for cross-platform development that meets your criteria including look and feel, supported languages, developer ecosystem, and maintenance roadmap.

Desktop internals

Supporting desktop applications often requires intimate knowledge of the OS, device, or platform that it’s running on. KDAB has developed a unique understanding of desktop OS internals through our work rolling out customer products from custom operating systems to high-performance workstation applications. We’ve also developed deep knowledge of operating system internals by contributing to popular open-source platform projects as well as by designing, building, and supporting our own frameworks and tools.

“We design and develop applications that make complex work streamlined and user-friendly”

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Quantitative Imaging Systems (Qi)

KDAB case study: helping a medical tech leader fight cancer.

Solving cancer is a complex problem because cancer is not a single disease, there are a myriad of aspects that need to be uncovered. Qi (Quantitive Imaging Systems) images biopsies from patients and then labels individual cells with over a hundred biomarkers. This gives insights into how tumor biology works so that druggable targets to stop tumors progressing and metastasizing can be found.