We bring our deep experience and industry best practices to bear on everything from project planning to team development.


Optimally plan your project, design lasting architectures, and support your team

Software services solving complex problems right the first time

KDAB consultants are engineering leaders. We work closely with your team to develop custom and pragmatic technology solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs and business requirements. We rely on our profound experience, technology acuity, and industry-leading best practices to get you started on the right foot, improve your product’s quality, and/or get your project back on track.

Build your engineering culture and plan your software roadmap with expert advice


Many software projects go wrong due to problems late in the development process that could have been avoided with better planning. Our experts can meet with your team and review your architecture, reworking parts that might be troublesome and fleshing out ideas that need more definition. We ensure your software framework solidly meets your current goals and can grow for the future.


Quality code reviews are critical to the success of complex software projects. We can help you structure peer reviews and curate the necessary culture to reduce mistakes, verify project quality, improve code performance, and ensure requirements are met. Many of our engineers are respected reviewers in some of the world’s most important open-source software projects.


The longer that code is modified and maintained, the more disorderly and complicated it becomes. Our experts can review your code and show your developers how to make it more efficient and maintainable without modifying your product’s functionality or significantly impacting your schedule. We guide your team as to when to make refactoring trade-offs and how to use them to reduce overall implementation time and complexity.


Taking a high-level assessment of a project to see if it is a worthwhile undertaking can save limited resources. We can evaluate new software projects before they get off the ground to determine their compatibility with existing hardware and software, and whether they will meet corporate objectives. We can also work to ensure that the tool chain you’ve chosen meets your necessary criteria in terms of usability, efficiency, stability, and longevity.


Untraceable software crashes often throw a smoothly executing schedule off the rails.

We can identify, reproduce, diagnose, and resolve complex problems, quickly moving your engineering team away from firefighting and back to active development. We specialize in troubleshooting services across the full software stack from device drivers to scripting environments.

Building software competency

Many companies are moving their domain expertise into areas where software skills are mandatory – without the right staff to cope with these business-altering pivots. We can help you develop a strong in-house software engineering team, handhold them through the first projects, and equip them with the long-term skills, software tools, and development processes to tackle big, multifaceted problems.

Regulatory compliance

Becoming compliant to regulations and safety standards can be a time-consuming challenge that many businesses face. Our consultants can work with you to determine the best way for your team to ensure your software and processes are fully compliant with the least impact on productivity.

“We pride ourselves on building excellent client relationships and serving as trusted advisors for years to come.”

Top reasons to choose KDAB consulting services

  1. We are accomplished in navigating technology ideals and corporate realities.
  2. Our engineering consultants are helpful in business-level discussions with their intimate understanding of your project’s technology.
  3. We’re sticklers at pointing out potential problems, but we also understand when the job just needs to get done.
  4. Our engineering consultants are very collaborative – and so is our company – leading to the best possible solutions to your challenges.
  5. We embrace Linux and open-source solutions as ways to creatively maximize resources and know how to overcome common challenges.