Industrial HMI

Advanced expertise in modern industrial user interfaces


Rely upon our experienced engineering team to deliver exceptional UIs

User-friendly interfaces for industrial process control, manufacturing and fabrication

KDAB delivers industrial HMIs built on quality, functionality, and reliability with a modern and cleanly designed ascetic. We never sacrifice stability, safety, or security to deliver the real-time monitoring and process visualization operators expect. Our specialties include designing and developing HMIs that provide product accessibility from embedded systems, remote desktops and roving mobile devices.

Build HMIs that offer the familiar design and function of a consumer device, but perform to the demanding requirements of an industrial environment

Real-time reliability

No matter if your machine is controlling electrical grids, refinery pumps, or assembly robots, it must respond with real-time precision that’s 100 percent consistent. KDAB helps you deliver on your reliability guarantees thanks to our ability to create software systems using functional safety certifications, best-practice processes, and modern cybersecurity techniques.

Long running and modern

Industrial systems need to run long after the development environment used to create them has passed into obscurity. We help keep your machines consistently running even when your software is decades old by maintaining and upgrading archaic systems or migrating to newer frameworks. That includes bringing industrial dashboards into the modern age by redesigning your interfaces and simultaneously preserving your software’s underlying business logic.

Remote capabilities

Remote accessibility was a significant industrial trend before the pandemic, and it’s only become more important since. We ensure your industrial control systems can be operated by built-in high-resolution embedded touchscreens as well as securely accessed by remote desktops and roaming mobile devices. Since remote capabilities are also needed for real-time process monitoring, we also add camera capture and video streaming to allow your remote users to view and control dangerous processes safely from afar.

“Our HMI solutions for industrial user interfaces enhance operator control and productivity”


Modernizing SCADA HMIs

KDAB whitepaper

SCADA systems have been around far longer than most other types of computer applications. Their rock-solid performance has been responsible for the streamlining of any industry that needs precise and consistent controls. However, user interfaces of many SCADA devices look more appropriate as part of Windows for Workgroups than the modern age. Now that everyone carries superior user interfaces in their pocket, those responsible for running a system expect their SCADA interface to have a high level of polish and sophistication.

Discover KDAB’s thoughts on the ideal way to build today’s modern SCADA systems.

Modernizing SCADA HMIs