Modernizing Legacy Software

Expertise in updating brittle software and stale code


With you for the last 20 years

Update your aging software to your evolving needs

KDAB has 20 years of experience in modernizing legacy software. We use this along with current best practices, modern development paradigms, and our proprietary automation tools to efficiently migrate your legacy software to new frameworks, languages, and GUIs. This allows you to adapt your code base to evolving user needs without the fear of introducing bugs, breaking compatibility, or being trapped into using obsolete tools and environments.

Make your codebase easier to maintain, update, and grow to meet dynamic customer demands.


GUI toolkit migration

Porting a legacy GUI toolkit to a modern framework is a complex and demanding job with many hidden intricacies. KDAB has significant experience in porting software that uses toolkits like Motif, MFC, Photon, X11, and previous versions of Qt. We draw upon our in-depth knowledge from numerous migration projects in many different industries to quickly develop solid ports that can run on mobile, desktop, and embedded devices.


Application modernization

Older applications often only support a single platform – many times one that is archaic or being deprecated. Modernizing your application allows it to run on multiple platforms and devices. We reuse as much existing code as possible, while ensuring the application’s connection to its environment is portable and cross-platform.


UI modernization

Using older GUI frameworks causes code problems – but it can also leave the user interface looking stale and dated. While moving over your GUI framework, we help redesign your UI with a highly professional look, using modern user interface elements and a cleaner, more intuitive style. And in cases where your software needs to be white labeled by the customer or personalized by the end-user, we make the UI flexible and reskinnable.

“We help you strike a balance between safeguarding your current investment and capitalizing on new opportunities”


Top reasons to use KDAB modernization experts

  1. Before we start a project, we assess code migration risks and trade-offs, and provide a free in-depth report, often as part of a one-day workshop.
  2. We use the latest development paradigms on your target migration platform to ensure your software stays relevant and adaptable for as long as possible.
  3. We employ proven techniques for testing the functionality and behavior of your application before and after migration to ensure that any changes made are intentional and not accidental.
  4. We work hand-in-hand with your development team during the modernization process (if desired) so that your staff can absorb new techniques and idioms relevant to your software modernization.
  5. At the end of each project, we include a one-week handover training as part of our deliverable.